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Royal Borough Greenwich Sustainable Homes

The Royal Borough of Greenwich wanted to redevelop disused garage and brownfield sites across the borough to provide new Zero Carbon homes to the area. 

The expectation was that all of Greenwich’s new homes would be built using modern methods of construction in the form of volumetric modular build. All new homes built for the Royal Borough must also generate their own energy, including energy for heating, hot water, lighting and appliances, without adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich initially appointed us to provide multi-disciplinary design team services to identify five sites within the borough to redevelop and provide 40 new Zero Carbon homes, consisting of a mixture of apartments and houses.  

We initially worked to maximise solar gain through orientation. Once we had an idea of the passive heating offered, we worked extensively with our M&E consultant to produce a comprehensive Energy Strategy, which would achieve a minimum of 95% reduction in CO2 use. Planning permission was obtained on all five sites on the first application.

We have continued to work with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, achieving planning permission on 20 sites to date.

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