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Camden Holmes Road Depot

The Camden Depot on Holmes Road was originally constructed in 1976, so it was in need of remodelling and refurbishment to make it more efficient to maintain and to facilitate improved ways of working.

Pellings were tasked with providing the London Borough of Camden with more flexible, modern and useable office facilities at their depot. We were appointed due to our multi-disciplinary capabilities, and with the project fully delivered in BIM, we were able to provide the Council with multiple design options which could best suit their needs.

The project modernised and simplified the depot by replacing its storage and workshop facilities. We transformed unused space into offices, created a new reception area and improved the toilet and other communal facilities within the building. We ensured that all workers would feel comfortable and satisfied within their workplace by adding new and improved security systems. We also repaired the roof to reduce further deterioration of the structure.

We are delighted to have been able to put our innovative ideas into practice by transforming old constructions into more sustainable and efficient facilities, improving the lives of our local community in the process.

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