Pellings Business Continuity Update – 6th April 2020

As advice from UK Government has continued to introduce increasingly restrictive measures to combat the spread of Covid – 19, Pellings LLP has been constantly reviewing working practices to ensure that we meet the guidelines and act as a responsible business.

We have a Business Continuity Plan which we are closely following to minimise the effect on day to day activities of Pellings and the services which we provide to our clients, whilst minimising risk to our staff, clients and the general public.

Currently our offices are closed to meet guidelines and all staff are working remotely. They are well connected via cloud based systems as we have been prudent in investing in remote working capability over recent times.

We are also restricting staff practices in respect of meetings, both internally and externally. We have excellent video conference call facilities, where we can share documents on screen with colleagues and clients. Whilst this has been a shift in culture for some, it is certainly something that we have now fully embraced into our business culture.

We understand that you, our clients, also have significant challenges and we will always look to support you in delivering projects in mutually cooperative and supportive ways. Knowing the difficulties, I am sure that you will appreciate the measures that we are taking to maintain the quality of service that you expect.  Our business, like yours, does rely on regular revenue in order to survive, so we would ask that you issue purchase orders and settle our payment requests in accordance with our contracts.

Due to the reduction in on-site and project activity we have, in line with a number of other businesses, agreed with some of our staff that they will be furloughed from early April. In addition, most staff will be working reduced hours to reflect their current workload. If your regular contacts at Pellings are part of this process you will have been advised of this and where furlough staff are involved, alternative contact details passed to you. We are sure that you will understand these steps are necessary to enable Pellings to have quick access to bring back staff as soon as the current situation changes.

If you have any queries regarding this, or you wish to talk to us about our business continuity plans in more detail, please email or speak to your regular partner contact at Pellings.