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Pellings work with Riversmead HA on proposals to address housing shortage

Pellings have been working with Riversmead on their 'creating new homes' project, launched within the local community today. The scheme is seeking to address the significant shortage of affordable housing in the East Hertfordshire area, by identifying under-utilised land such as garage infill sites which could be transformed to create new homes for some of the 2,700 people currently on waiting lists in the region.

Pellings' involvement was to undertake an appraisal of a large number of sites, and make recommendations on those which make viable development opportunities. Our recommendations have been taken forward with the release of proposals for 80 much sought-after affordable homes, over seven sites in Birch Green, Brickendon, Hertford and Ware. The proposals form part of Riversmead's plans to create up to 450 more affordable homes in the next five years.

The project has moved into the community consultation stage and Riversmead have now delivered information about the scheme to all local residents. A programme of public consultation events to engage with stakeholders on the proposals has also been planned, giving residents the opportunity to speak with the architect and Housing Association directly, raise any concerns they may have, and provide valuable feedback on the proposals.

The proposals were officially launched to the public on local radio by Riversmead's Executive Director, Paul Huckstep, where he spoke openly about the housing shortage and their plans to deliver new homes and attract investment into the area. "As well as providing additional homes, our plans will bring millions of pounds of much needed investment into the local economy and also create training and work opportunities for local people," he said.

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