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CDM Co-ordinator

Clients Include
  • Institute of Cancer Research
  • Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation
  • Cadogan Estate
  • Metropolitan Police
  • L B Barnet
  • L B Bromley
  • Greenwich Council
  • L B Hillington
  • L B Islington
  • L B Lambeth
  • L B Lewisham
  • Southwark Council
  • Wandsworth Borough Council


The team of CDM Co-ordinators providing a discrete services within Pellings.

Dedicated CDM Co-ordinator with extensive experience and skills Over 1,500 appointments as CDM Co-ordinator since the CDM regulations have been in force.

Projects include housing, education, hospitals, offices and leisure facilities.

CDM Co-ordinator team led by acknowledged national expert in the CDM Regulations.

Pellings wealth of professional expertise together with experience in managing the Health and Safety issues concerning asbestos identification and removal through the 1980's meant that we were well placed in 1995 to dedicate staff to provide the specialist services of CDM Co-ordinator.

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