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Pellings support Poplar HARCA annual festival

The Poplar festival took place in Bartlett Park, East London on Saturday, with Pellings sponsoring the event and assisting with the 'Poplar's Future, Your Future' exhibit which took visitors on a journey through the future of Poplar, showing images and models of how the area will look in years to come.

The festival took place in Bartlett Park, E14 on Saturday 17 September; organisers chose the date to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain. As well as showing future plans, residents were encouraged give feedback on proposals using innovative interactive methods such as adding messages to a huge map of Poplar and using a visitor 'Diary Room'.

Entertainment was key to the success; a colourful parade led by the London school of Samba joined by members of the local community kicked off the event and live music from local bands such as Poetic Pilgrimage, The Boxettes, Top Cats, Brassroots and Fat 45, played throughout the day.

Pellings were delighted to be involved in the event and play such a key role in its success. For more information contact Donald Proud on ext 020 8460 9114 or

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