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CDM is changing in 2015, are YOU ready?

As you will no doubt be aware, the changes to the CDM regulations will take place during 2015, and the HSE have this week issued their draft of the updated Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

This short briefing has been put together to share some of the proposed changes, and the potential implications on projects.

Timescales within the draft documentation

The regulations will come into force on 6th April 2015.

The regulations will not be retrospective, and in fact, will have a built in six month transitional period until the 6th October 2015. Any projects that are likely to finish before this date need not have any changes made to existing working practices and appointments.

Any projects starting on site after 6th April, or any on site already, but that will not finish until after 6 October will require amendments to the appointments made and aspects of the work carried out to all competencies in order to comply with the new regulations.

Key changes within the draft documentation


The role of the CDM Coordinator will disappear as of the 6th April date, and will be replaced by that of a Principal Designer.

The regulations will apply to all construction work with more than one contractor.

If a client does not appoint a Principal Designer, they will now legally assume this role - taking on additional duties which they may not necessarily be able or want to fulfil.


You will need a Construction Phase Plan for all projects where you use another contractor.

For domestic projects, if a Principal Designer is not otherwise appointed, you will assume this role.


If appointed Principal Designer, you will effectively become the CDM Co-ordinator whilst upholding your designer duties. You will need to prepare pre-construction information and health and safety files as a result of this change.

Domestic clients are no longer excluded from the Regulations.

Implications on current projects

Pellings are currently working hard to understand the regulations in full, (including any later changes of the draft), and adjust our internal processes on projects commencing both before and after the 6th April deadline.

We will be speaking to clients individually on a project-by-project basis to make them aware of the implications of the changes on their projects.

We will be offering in-house training for our clients' teams to make their teams aware of the changes in responsibilities.

Our CDM-Cs will all remain in post, (albeit by another name), and will be integrated within our own design teams to work alongside designers and ensure compliance by both designers and clients. This service will also be marketed to other practices.

Rest assured, Pellings will continue to provide a consistent high quality service, and maintain continuity of delivery on projects whilst the changes take effect. You can view the draft documentation, which has been divided into six categories, by following the links below:

For further information on the CDM Regulations 2015, please contact

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