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The Look Out Education Centre

Client FWA Ltd / The Royal Parks
Role Architect, Interior Designer
Project New Build Visitor Centre
Site Hyde Park, London
Value £1.5m


The Look Out is a new building set in Hyde Park and sited above a Victorian reservoir. It has been designed to replace the existing former kennel buildings which currently serve as an educational facility for The Royal Parks.

The new building has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that it is viewed and used as part of the greater landscape of the park. The surrounding trees are reflected within the design by a series of organic timber structural columns and branches which in turn support a living landscape at roof level and shelter inspiring learning spaces within.

The carefully mapped landscape within the boundary is drawn skywards by green walls and illustrated stories worked into the external envelope. Sensitive and ecologically sound materials support the sustainability ethic promoted by the project and educational opportunities orchestrated by the building and the landscape abound.

The Look Out offers a valuable and unique experience for children and adults to address, enjoy and learn about the environment, both city specific and worldwide.

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